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Walk-in Coolers & Freezers

Our Walk-in Cooler Division specializes in coolers and freezers for supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals & medical supply centers, restaurants, and environmental test chambers.  We also provide quality Carrier-ICS pre-fabricated indoor and outdoor walk-in cold rooms.

Our specialists are at your service

Our entire focus is on the design and manufacturing of walk-in coolers and freezers, multi-compartment units, and support structures.  Our personnel are available to assist and advise from the initial planning stages, through engineering, manufacturing and installation.

Standard panel finishes

All Tyler walk-in coolers and freezers feature 26 gauge stucco embossed galvanized steel as a standard finish.This durable G-90 coated material offers maximum resistance to corrosion, and helps reduce damage from day-to-day operation.

Optional panel finishes.

We provide a variety of alternative painted and non-painted finishes for special applications.  Our painted finishes incorporate a two coat baked enamel system, utilizing linear and non-linear polyester resins, to make the surface chip, stain and mar resistant. Optional finishes include: white stucco galvanized steel • white aluminum • black stucco galvanized steel and black aluminum for floral applications • galvanized steel • stainless steel • Fiberglass reinforced polyester board for prep area applications • other finishes available on request.